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U-48800 for sale here and it is used for selective agonist opioid analgesic. U-48800 is a derivative of U-47700 in which one ethylene was added to the benzene ring and 2,4-chlorophenyl was substituted for 3,4-chlorophenyl.U-48800 for Sale In animal studies, U-48800 has 7.5 times the potency of morph and is specific for the-opioid receptor. Buy U-48800 Online

U-48800 has the same potency level as U-47700, according to research, Because U-48800 was designed and replaced for U-47700 with a little chemical structural variation, U-47700 sale is very difficult online However, U-48800 is available for purchase at SophieChems.com. A powder version of the medication is available.


  • This product has been developed and tested to fulfil the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO Guide 34:2009.
  • This product is designed to be used as a reference standard for analytical purposes.
  • For the academic study of accredited institutions, the bulk material is available for sale please contact our sales department for pricing.

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Other producers are available in the market but, our R&D team is extremely concerned with the purity of U-48800, which must be at least 99.99 per cent. Order U-48800 Online on our website at an affordable price U-48800 for Sale. U-48800 Best Supplier to sell on this website you can Order U-48800 Online here.

Effects and Dosage of U-48800

Strong analgesia, sedation, and euphoria are all effects of U-48800, which are comparable to those of other powerful opioid agonists and you can Order U-48800 Online here.

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You can buy pure U-48800 online from U-48800 Best Supplier in bulk at SophieChems.com, with free shipping and guaranteed delivery in your home. Research Chemicals are available in crystal, powder, and liquid form at SophieChems.com definitely buy this product. U-48800 for Sale in this website you can not find Where to buy U-48800 Online anywhere.

U-48800 is a structurally comparable analytical reference material from other opioids. This product is designed for forensic and research purposes. Order U-48800 online from best supplier. This is a Certified Reference Material (RM) that has been developed and tested in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34. To assure traceability of measurements. These materials are analysed using recognised analytical procedures using certified instruments. All traceable RMs are identified by their, which may be downloaded using the batch number on the product label.

Please contact our technical support for a representative. WARNING this product should not be used by humans or animals.


15G, 30G, 245G, 480G


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